State Historical and Cultural Museum "Azret Sultan"

"Azret-Sultan" is a National Historical and Cultural Museum. It is a whole complex of archaeological and architectural monuments founded in 1989 on the basis of Ahmed Yassawi National Architectural Museum Complex in Turkestan's ​​territory.

The main object of the Reserve Museum is the historical and architectural monument of the 14th c., the mausoleum of the spiritual mentor of the Turkic-speaking nations Khodja Akhmed Yassawi known as the Holy Azret (Khazret) Sultan – the Sultan of all Saints.

At present, the Museum includes 207 objects, among which 1 has the status of international, 23 – national and 14 – local significance. The total area of ​​the location of historical and cultural sites is equal to 2306.4 hectares.

Azret-Sultan carries out research and educational activities related to protection, research, restoration and propaganda of monuments of historical and cultural heritage in Turkestan region.

The Museum includes such important monuments as the mausoleum of Khoja Akhmed Yassawi, the mausoleum of Rabia Sultan Begim, the mausoleum of Yesim Khan, the mausoleum of Gauhar Ana, the underground mosque Kyluet (Khilvet), the mound Sauran and Kultobe, etc.