Octagonal Mausoleum

The octagonal mausoleum (XVI–XVII cc.) is a monument of national significance. The mausoleum is located 40 m south-east of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi Mausoleum. It is rectangular in plan and it is located in the north-east direction. Such location of the Mausoleum suggests that it was built earlier XIV c. although the survey of the monument showed that archaeological materials dating not earlier than XVI c. The mausoleum’s interior is 8-faceted with 8 equal pitches in the walls, which determined the name of the mausoleum. Its size is 6,95 х 6,95 m. The floor is lined with square bricks. There are three tombstones on the floor which carved from sandstone with completely lost epitaphs. At the end of the nineteenth century bricks of the mausoleum were used to build a takharathana room consisting of three-cornered rooms. And in the twentieth century, after the destruction of takharathana, this necropolis territory was used for burial as a mausoleum.

Source: Svod pamjatnikov istorii i kul'tury Kazahstana. T.1. Juzhno-Kazahstanskaja oblast'. – Almaty «Қazaқ jenciklopedijasy», 1994. – 368 p.