Eastern Bath

The monument of national significance, located in the south-western part of the Mausoleum, was built in the 80s to 90s of the 16th c. for pilgrims. The bath’s total area is 17 x 15 meters, height 4.8 meters. Until 1975, local residents used the  bath, in 1979 the bathhouse was transformed into a museum.

The Bath is half underground, consists of 5 domes, the walls are built of burnt bricks. In the Bath there are 9 rooms used for such purposes as a room for washing, rooms with hot and cold water, a massage room and others. The heating system is made very professionally; a jet of hot air from the heating room went through the floor. It is a complex architectural structure.

Source: Svod pamjatnikov istorii i kul'tury Kazahstana. T.1. Juzhno-Kazahstanskaja oblast'. – Almaty «Қazaқ jenciklopedijasy», 1994. – 368 p.