Zhuma Mosque

Zhuma Mosque (ХІХ c.) is a monument of national significance. The Mosque is located 150 meters from Ahmed Yassawi Mausoleum, next to Hylvet. It is part of the now lost urban development. One-room, square in terms of construction with iwan, adjacent to the northern and eastern facades. It is made of adobe bricks. The walls of the interior and facades are plastered. The roof is flat, with a ground covering. Artistic expressiveness is given to the interior by decorative crown plates, supported by carved brackets on the walls and the central standing 8-grenade column. Ceiling height is 4 m, mihrab is 2.3 m. The width of the walls of the Mosque is 6.2 m. The size of the room is 6 x 6 m.

The walls of the iwan part were also erected of mud brick, the length is 30 m and width is 5 m. The roof of the shed is supported by numerous wooden pillars, the ceiling height is 4 m. There are 4 openings in the shed’s wall and they serve as the external mihrab.

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