Vantage Point Inside the Mausoleum

Karakhan was considered to be a really wise and powerful ruler. He was well-known worldwide. However, despite unlimited wealth, he preferred a modest life.

He captured a lion and it followed all commands. People told that Karakhan saddled the lion like a horse and even rode it.

However, Karakhan could not argue with his wife. It seemed that shrew wife of the great ruler does not obey him. Karahan's viziers wondered about it: "When You bent the whole world and even the lion, how Your spouse can argue with You?" – they asked. 

Karakhan said: "I thank God that my wife has such a character. When the whole world bowed in front of me head, would I consider myself superior to others, had deceived by the cunning of the devil, caught in a trap of my pride? Thanks to my wife I know we are only one of the slaves of Allah. And it always allows me to remain humble before God".