Mausoleum of Baba Tukti Shashty Aziz

The shrine of Baba Tukti Shashty Aziz, located on the territory of Sozak region, near the village of Kumkent, in the area of Zhylybulak. Baba Tukti Shashty Aziz was a saint for the Kazakh people. He appeared in prophetic dreams, when the human soul is worried, his name gave spirit to fight against the enemy. The Baba dome is located in the northeast of Karatau on the coast of Kyzylkol lake. The place where the saint was buried late became a large cemetery.

Baba Tukti Shashty Aziz is a very common folklore and mythological image, also a powerful batyr, steppe shamans who believed initially in Kok Tengri (the Almighty), worshiped him as a holy spirit and mentor. Legends say that Baba Tukti Shashty Aziz was a contemporary and coeval of Yskak Baba, who in turn spread the religion of Islam in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Some legends say that Yedige Batyr is the son of Baba Tukti Shashty Aziz.

The legend spread among the people said that once Baba Tukti Shashty Aziz was praying on the lake shore and met a fairy peri (from Kazakh, «fairy»). Later, he married her. Fairy-peri set three conditions. But Baba Tukti Shashty Aziz violated these conditions, and the fairy told him: «In my womb I am carrying your six-month child, I will leave him in the Kumkent region, and you will find him there!», and flew away. Baba Tukti Shashty Aziz finds a child in the place where the fairy left him, then gives him the name Yedige. In the epic Yedige Batyr Baba Tukti Shashty Aziz is also described as the father of the batyr. Historical evidence suggests that Poles lived in these places. A wealthy Pole decided to build a bathhouse, ordered his subordinates to use the mausoleum bricks. The sanctity of this mausoleum was known for a long time. The worker was against it, but the owner threatened to kill his son, so he agreed to do it. However, when he began to disassemble the mausoleum, his hands began to shake. And in the bathhouse, which was built of these bricks, three Poles were burnt out. An undefeatable wrestler Kazhimukan, used to say before the battle, «Oh, the great spirit of Baba Tukti Shashty Aziz, help!» Since ancient times, Kazakh men did not engage in battle, without praying to the holy ancestors. The name of Baba Tukti Shashty Aziz can often be seen and heard in epics such as Alpamys batyr, Kobylandy batyr, Shora batyr. The ruler of Altyn Orda Yedige Bi considered Baba Tukti Shashty Aziz his direct ancestor.

«Baba Tukti Shashty Aziz blessed you, all your desires are fulfilled, Khyzyr accompanies your luck, do not forget about it, Abylay!» – began his words Umbetey zhyrau, when it was necessary to report the death of Bogenbai batyr. Kazakhs have always been famous for their poetic background.