Unknown (Unnamed) Mausoleum

Unknown (Unnamed) mausoleum (XVI–XVII centuries), a monument of national significance. The monument is located on the territory of the Turkestan necropolis 30 meters south-west of the mausoleum of Kozha Ahmed Yasavi. The ground part of the monument is lost, but the crypt was preserved completely. The entrance to the crypt is made from the south-east side by means of a not high opening, blocked by a pointed arch. The interior of the crypt is not plastered. The floor is clay. On the floor found burials in wooden boxes – 7 adults and one child. Presumably the mausoleum was ancestral burial ground. The Nameless Mausoleum is an interesting architectural monument of the Middle Ages, a valuable object of the Turkestan necropolis.

Source: Svod pamjatnikov istorii i kul'tury Kazahstana. T.1. Juzhno-Kazahstanskaja oblast'. – Almaty «Қazaқ jenciklopedijasy», 1994. – 368 p.