«Bokey Ordasy» Historical complex

Historical museum complex Bokey Ordasy is located 550 km from the center of region, in the village of Khanorda of West Kazakhstan region. Khan ordasy was located in the capital for two centuries after this region was the most important object for Kazakhstan in the field of a political, economic, historical and cultural event of the center. More than 40 buildings and other buildings which remained in the the 19th century since Zhangir khan tells the history of the region.

Zhangir khan palace built in 1828 is one of the headquarter of the Khan on the Kazakh land. Complex consists of the palace built in 1828, the house, constructed by the doctor A.A. Sergachev, the mosque built on the basis of the project of old mosque in 1835. The treasury office was opened in 1867, school in 1868, girls school in 1883.

Historical and museum complex Bokey ordasy was open on a voluntary basis on December 15, 1962 as Ordinsk historico-revolutionary museum. In 1967, the museum was ranked as the state museum, and in 1969, Government of Kazakhstan added the museum to the Treasury program. In 2002, it was expanded to the level of a complex and called Historical and museum complex Bokey ordasy.

The complex consists of four different, but complementary museums: Museum of history of Bokeyordasy, Museum of independence, Armory of khan palace, Museum of history of the first school of Kazakhstan. Since 2003, Historical and museum complex Bokey ordasy is included in the International Council of Museums. Now the visitors not only from Kazakhstan, but also from the CIS and abroad frequently visit the complex.

Political and ideological activity of the last Alash intellectuals was closely connected with this place. The site, according to the people, remains in the history of the country.