Mausoleums of Karasai and Agyntai batyrs

Karasai and Agyntai batyrs were great Kazakh heroes who lived in the 17th century and fought for the independence of the Kazakh Khanate. Karasai and Agyntai were buried on a high hill near the village of Madenetat of the Ayyrtausky district of the North Kazakhstan region. Praised by the great Suyunbai, Karasai comes from the Shapyrashty dynasty of Senior Zhuz and Agyntai comes from the Argyn dynasty of the Middle Zhuz. They were the great Kazakh batyrs, commanders and outstanding historical figures.

The epoch of their life is significant because at that time, the Kazakh-Dzungarian wars, which lasted more than a century, reached a new stage of their development resorting to new tactical and strategic methods.

By that time, about two hundred years passed since the formation of the Kazakh Khanate as an independent state and united ethnic awareness. When the first fire blew up between the Kazakh and Dzungarian Khanate, Agyntai and Karasai were among the first who heroically defended their country.

In one-on-one fights, they repeatedly defeated the strongest Kalmyk batyrs. Showing new tactics of fighting and new ways of defending the fatherland, Agybai and Karasai gained the universal calling. The complex built in their honor is a sign of national-ethnic unity in the establishment of national patriotism and memory of the Kazakh people heroism traditions.

The complex was built on October 15, 1999. Built in honor of the Kazakh batyrs, the complex became a symbol of unity, friendship and solidarity in Kazakhstan. At the top of the hill there are buildings in the form of two armored military helmets with a mosque located between them. United spears of an old era warriors are installed next to the mosque.

There are several burials of ancient soldiers near the mausoleums. By its composition, the memorial was built in the style of old Turkic traditions. The front part of the memorial is located in the direction of Mecca, as well as the mihrab of the mosque. The entrance to the circle, which is surrounded by a brick fence, is located between the two towers and between the mausoleums for prayer and sacrifices. At the corner of the foundation, which is made of granite, as a symbol of the heroism of the batyrs, metal spikes combined with bronze coatings are installed. In the center of the circle there are mausoleums of batyrs made in accordance with ellipsoidal sketches of Northern Kazakhstan.

There is a small conical mosque in front of the mausoleums, which unites the mausoleums in symbolic and architectural terms.

Karasai and Agyntai batyrs were buried together in the Karasai cemetery as they both fought side by side with the enemy during life.